Golden Hand Bridge in Da Nang

An extension outside Da Nang in Vietnam is wowing guests with its lovely view and exquisite plan – apparently being held up high by two mammoth stone hands. Its is Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang

Known as the Golden Bridge, it stands 1,400m above ocean level above the Ba Na slopes, offering superb all encompassing perspectives on the encompassing wide open. The gold-shaded footbridge is fixed with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums and reaches out for just about 150 meters, bending around in a perfect plan. Be that as it may, it is the etched hands holding the person on foot connect that give it the genuine wow factor. The plan for the footbridge originated from an organization called TA Landscape Architecture, and keeping in mind that the hands appear as though they are cut from stone, they are really not. “We planned the skeleton of the hands and secured them with steel networks,” an agent of the organization said. “Then we completed with fiberglass and included the theming it. The whole development of the extension took about a year.”

Golden hand bridge Da Nang

Vietnam tourism has encountered a blast as an ever increasing number of individuals find the delightful spots to visit in this wonderful nation; the structure is a piece of a $2 billion venture to bring considerably more than the 1.5 million guests the region gets every year. OK prefer to visit this astounding scaffold? Look down underneath to look at it, and on the off chance that you ever visit it, remember to hand hold your accomplice while on the handheld extension!

Golden hand bridge Da Nang

The Golden Hand Bridge Da Nang has as of late drawn a great deal of online life consideration. The pair of giant stone hands holds up a brilliant extension that guests can stroll over. You’ll need to take a long link vehicle ride to the highest point of the slopes to achieve the scaffold.

The most effective method to GET TO THE GOLDEN HAND BRIDGE DA NANG

The extension is situated in Ba Na Hills at an amusement park called SunWorld. We remained in Da Nang City and drove ourself there by motorbike. You can lease a motorbike for 150,000 VND ($9 AUD) every day. This is the least expensive choice to arrive, anyway you can likewise take a visit van or get a taxi which will be increasingly costly.

Golden hand bridge Da Nang

Advance toward Ba Na Hills SunWorld which is about a 40-50 minute drive from the city. Once there, you’ll need to take the link vehicle ride up to the highest point of the mountain. The link vehicle takes about 20 minutes and you’ll get off comfortable extension.

Golden hand bridge Da Nang

Opening times

The main link vehicle leaves at 7.30am and they keep running until 9.30pm. You’ll certainly need to head there when it opens for the most obvious opportunity at beating the groups.

Golden hand bridge Da Nang

Extra charge

Passageway into SunWorld costs 700,000 VND ($42 AUD) which incorporates all the link vehicle rides and different attractions inside the recreation center, for example, some arcade amusements.

What’s in store

The most ideal approach to visiting the Golden Hand Bridge Da Nang is to make multi day trip and go through the vast majority of your day around the amusement park. In case you’re just there to take photographs of the scaffold simply be careful that despite everything you’ll need to pay the costly passage charge for the entire park. We likewise went when it opened and the scaffold was at that point loaded with individuals and wedding photoshoots. You could scarcely walk anyplace without hindering somebody’s wedding shot and getting shouted at which got very irritating. We may have quite recently been unfortunate with the day we went so ideally you’ll have some better luckiness. Likewise be careful on the off chance that you plan on flying an automaton as we got advised to put our own away. We were sufficiently lucky to get a photograph before we needed to pack it up.

Golden hand bridge Da Nang


After you’re finished respecting the scaffold, you can bounce on another link vehicle and investigate whatever is left of the recreation center. SunWorld is inconceivably enormous so make sure to get a guide from inside the link vehicle. The primary stop after the hand connect is the greatest complex of the recreation center. Here you will discover unlimited eateries, entertainers, arcade diversions and a german eating and drinking zone. This area of the recreation center looks like something out of Europe with its cobblestone avenues and structures. We invested a large portion of our energy here at the arcade playing all the diverse amusements they brought to the table.

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