Beauty Terrace Rice Fields In Sapa

Terraced Rice Fields In Sapa In April or May

Sapa is a mountainous town of Lao Cai province which is located in the northwest of Vietnam. It owns many wonders of the natural scenery with hills, jungle forests, making a fascinating scenic picture and terrace rice fields in Sapa.

Located at the height of over 1,500m on the mountainside, Sa Pa has cool temperate and subtropical climate throughout the year. You may experience 4 seasons in one day here: spring in the morning, summer at noon (with mild sunshine), autumn in the afternoon (with cool clouds and dew) and winter at night with the cold weather.

Terraced rice fields in Sapa are very impressive and beautiful. Rice terraces are slopes claimed from nature for local people’s cultivation in hilly or mountainous land areas. With the steep feature and fertile soil, local ethnic minority people create terraced rice fields from the foot to the top of the mountains to grow rice. Generations to generations of these people, one after one, have made a picture of terraced rice fields as we see today.

Terrace rice field in Sapa

Being seen from afar, these terraced rice fields look like a nice picture of nature with heart – catching beauty that always keep tourists to stay for admiration for a while. It is amazing that this picture has its color changed seasonally, showing its most alluring charm when the new crop begins, when the green rice grows and when the rice is ripening.

As usual, when the local people water their fields at full to prepare for a new crop in April and May, the terraced fields’ surface looks like a mirror, shining and reflecting the contrast of soil with the reddish brown color, of the sky high above with the deep blue color and of the surrounding forests with the green. Embankments surrounding these terraces are supposed to look like threads softly lined by the painter who creates this perfect picture of nature.

In the months of June and July, the terraced rice fields with fully-grown paddy rice make the green spreading over the whole area from the foot to top of mountains, then disappearing in mist. Green color of paddy rice grown on the terraced field is so amazing that people think of it as a hand-made creation of uniqueness that you cannot find it anywhere else but here only.

Green terrace rice field in Sapa

In the months of September and October, visitors can feel prosperity all over the area when rice in all terraced fields is ripe, giving a picture of the gold color. During this time, the terraced rice fields look like the golden silk scarves flying in the wind above green mountain slopes that makes the mountainous landscape astonishingly beautiful. It can be said that when the northern mountainous region enters the autumn, it is the most beautiful time of the terraced fields in Sa Pa with shiny yellows spreading over a vast area.

Yellow terrace rice field in Sapa

In addition to the beautiful terraced fields in Sa Pa, there is also famous for hospitality of the local people. Especially, it is very interesting that people here, even a small child, can speak English rather well with good pronunciation besides their own dialects so it is easy for foreigners to communicate with them.

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