A Trip To Datlat?

Beautiful landscape in a Trip to Da Lat

Da Lat is a mountainous town located on Lang Biang highland – a part of the Central Highland of Vietnam. Due to its special architecture (a harmony combination between Vietnam and French style), unique climate characteristics and various beautiful spots, A trip to Da Lat becomes one of the most popular traveling and relaxing destinations in Vietnam during Vietnam tours of almost visitors.

Da lat overview from above

In term of architecture, in Da lat, there were many hotels and houses built in a French style during the French colonization period. Accordingly, there are many places for tourists who are interested in architecture to visit, for example: Dalat Railway Station which was designed by French architects or Crazy House.

In term of climate, people always call Da Lat in the name ‘Eternal Spring’ because of its pleasantly warm temperature all the day and cool air at night. Thanks to its favorable weather, this is the place growing and supplying wide range of vegetables to all over Vietnam. Da Lat is also called in the name ‘City of Flowers’ as many kinds of flowers are grown here. Here in Da Lat, the flower industry is highly developed.

Da lat flowers garden

Asides from that, Da Lat also has a lot of beautiful scenery such as Valley of Love, Xuan Huong lake, Lang Biang Mountain and many amazing waterfalls. A visit to Da Lat seems to be one of the evident Vietnam tours of both domestic and foreign tourists. Arriving in A trip to Da lat, visitors also can enjoy the atmosphere of Vietnamese market at Dalat market in which there are many kinds of local specialties, for example: strawberry jam, kinds of dried fruits and artichoke.

Explore the landscape in a trip to Da Lat

Detailing more about Lang Biang Mountain, it is located on Lang Biang Plateau belonging to Lam Dong Province, about over 10km far from Da Lat center. Lang Biang Mountain is often supposed to be the roof of Dalat city. This mountain is famous for its spectacular nature and marvelous view of the whole wide area including Dalat City, the forest, the rivers and houses of tribal people. From the top of Lang Biang Mountain, we can see the Golden and Silver Streams and Silver Stream beautifully and amazingly. Taking a visit to Lang Biang Mountain, we can enjoy various activities like camping, exploring the natural flora and the unique culture of ethnic minority groups. Lang Biang Mountain is alos an ideal place for adventurous activities like mountain climbing and conquering high peaks.

Lang Biang waterfall

As mentioned above, Da Lat has another name as “the City of Flowers”. Once coming here – the city of thousands kinds of flowers in Vietnam, your Vietnam tour would be not a complete trip if you skip its collection of flower gardens.

Winter is the best season for tourists to see the vast charming attractiveness of this Dalat’s “speciality”. Especially in December and January when the Flower Festival is held, tourists can visit Da lat Flower Park, Lang Biang Flower Farm or An Quynh Orchid Farm where thousands kinds of flowers are exhibited. Da Lat Flower Park is an typical sample. This park is 7,000m2 wide, locating at the end of Xuan Huong lake, where we can enjoy the greatest exhibition of flowers in Da Lat with hundreds kinds of species and surely we do not want to leave.

So, for your Vietnam tours, a visit to Da Lat is strongly suggested.

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